Music Makes Silence

If in order for something to exist it must move, as atoms are made up of rotating parts and even smaller are these funny energetic and constantly moving threads, then that movement of course creates vibration even if by human hearing we deem these vibrations to be inaudible and therefore non-existent.  My point here of course is that since music is literally what makes the world whether it’s going round, standing still or bursting as it one day might, music is in everything including that which we call silence.  Music makes colour.  Music makes the visual arts possible.  Music makes everything that is.  I hope, then, that you (my dear audience) will not mind if I share a so-called non-musical (as if there were any such thing) piece of art or two.  Thank you so much!  🙂

My Musical Musings

I don’t consider myself to be a musician, but that doesn’t mean I’m not one.  I find the difference between inner and outer — say, thought and action, actuality, and/ or actualization to be interesting.  J-Lo thinks of herself as an athlete.  That’s how and what she was raised to be.  Does she sing?  Sure.  So do I.  Do I share that most of the time about myself?  No.  Am I an entertainer?  Well … performer, yes.  I do that naturally, as it comes.  If I’m only entertaining at any point ever, please kill me.  (Not my body, though, please.  Leave that be ….)  I hope to educate, just not in a classroom all the time.  Too boring for me, as I never did like school in the first place.  All that too-much sitting.  Yuck.  I prefer to stand but not still, prefer to move and make use of the corpus I inhabit.  I have incarnated, come into this corpus (body) for a reason, and I don’t believe that reason was, is, or ever will be to ignore it for the sole sake of my mind.  My body is my home, the only one I’ve ever really known.  My mind surrounds that body, keeps it safe and directs it where it needs to go.  My heart burns and yearns for the chance to bring body and mind together, always asking for:  “No fighting, please!”  It’s hard for the body and mind to always get along, though.  Then there is that gut that sometimes turns in circles, gets tied up in knots of not knowing, wanting to get back to the root.  To be tied to the future and the past all at once means middling, meddling, managing to be right now, right here, wherever the here of the moment happens to be.  Join me?